On this page you'll find paint schemes of online squadrons of the WW1 flight simulator
"Red Baron II 3D".

I always liked the creativity that went into a lot of these schemes and thought that they deserve a little "showroom".
New planes and/or paint schemes will be added
(when I find the time).

Click on the thumbnail to see the bigger painting
(the JPGs are 750 x 430 pixels in size, abt. 50-60 KB)


Copyright info – please read

I know, if you put anything on the internet, you can almost forget about copyrights, but I'd like to ask for a favour: These are no retouches, I made all paintings from scratch and then altered them for the individual paint schemes. Please do not remove the copyright info from the pictures – I think I made it small enough to not disturb the pics ;)

Thank You very much!


Wolfgang "WWProfFate" Haerle


suggestions, criticism, whatever: e-mail


The "official" Wing Walker colours: Blue-n-Gold

Squad#: 181
Paint scheme by: WWDubya


The plane I learned to fly in:
The Sopwith Snipe in KDF colours, cradle of the "Broom Goons"

Squad#: 131
Paint scheme by Dietrich "Dee" Krueger
[with a little help from myself]


Nieuport 24 in Wing Walker's personal ace scheme
Watch out when you see WWvonSchtupp in his favourite colours :)

Squad#: 182
Paint scheme by WWDubya


Boyington's special paint scheme